Give yourself or a loved one a special Chocolate treat: our products can be found through our partner

  ARROW FOOD DISTRIBUTOR COMPANY . Please visit to purchase online.


Arrow Food stocks a large selection of over 70 references to make your own unique recipes. You can also find a large variety of chocolate bars, confectionary and gift boxes. There is a wide selection of unique Single Origins, blends and healthier Dark chocolates to make exceptional recipes. There is a chocolate for everyone’s taste

With a wide selection of products, you can create your own signature creations. Be sure to try some our renowned innovations such as Guanaja, our 1986 breakthrough to give the world its first bitter sweet 70% couverture. Dulcey in 2012 that gave the world

 the chocolate world a fourth color ‘blonde’ and most recently the first all natural and Dairy Free couverture range called Inspiration.


Discover L’ecole Valrhona, our innovation Centre with more than

30 Pastry Chef instructors worldwide and learn some signature recipes and techniques via our Valrhona YouTube channel and our website.


Get In touch and share your creations on our @myvalrhona Instagram account and keep an eye out for new recipes, innovations and inspiration.


When you choose Valrhona, you become part of making chocolate truly sustainable. 100% of our cocoa is traced directly from the producers. As a BCORP certified company we aim for the highest standards of Social and environmental performance. We work towards reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose.


Together good becomes better. Valrhona