Setting elegantly around the corner of Ibrahem Al-Anqari Street Le Concheur celebrates one year anniversary for opening their newest branch. The Saudi local brand was established back in 2015 and ever since, they never failed to provide the ultimate true chocolate experience that stimulates all the senses with their topnotch chocolate range in their boutique located in Jeddah, KSA.

Once the customer steps foot in, Le Concheur offers a distinctly different experience where guests are welcomed with the warmth of Arabian hospitality and treated to a collection of gourmet chocolate products. Wether it is an everlasting craves or of special desserts, crafted chocolate pieces Le Concheur can make every moment a memorable one. With an emphasis on artistry, premium ingredients, and innovative flavor combination. It has earned significant local and international love.

Le Concheur adapted quality as a culture and will continue to stand out and be the destination for many people around the world.


Le Concheur Anniversary


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Easter Quest Art 2021 

 As part of the competition organized by Chef Middle East, fifteen talented chefs from across the UAE’s top hotels and restaurants met to compete in the finale held at Hotel Indigo to be judged for their Easter-themed chocolate creations


The First Prize Winner of the Easter Art Quest organized by @chefmiddleeastofficial goes to Chef Kapila Amaratunga W The Palm!

Here's what he has to say about his creation: ⁠

"When I walked into Indigo Hotel Downtown, I saw a lot of art creations that make you think outside the box.


When it came to the competition, I decided to base my creation on the real women of Dubai, the multinational people working in Dubai and the hard work they put in every day. The fusion of traditional Emirati and modern culture inspired me a lot. I concluded with a piece of art that brings all my thoughts together.

Valrhona chocolate made this possible as it's easy to handle, crystalize, and is strong enough.


Finally, I would like to thank @chefmiddleastofficial and @hotelindigo for organizing such a wonderful, challenging event for Dubai pastry chefs". ⁠


The second prize for the Easter Art Quest organized by @chefmiddleastofficial goes to Chef Julien Chefs Julien Mony & Arthur Carré of Shakespeare & Co! ⁠

Here's what they have to say about their creation: ⁠

⁠"It was a pleasure participating in Easter Art Quest 2021. It was a good idea to mix chocolate and art because for me I think that mastering chocolate is full-fledged art.⁠

There is no magic recipe in creating a chocolate masterpiece, it takes a lot of passion, creativity, innovativeness, and the will to create something unique. It was a personal challenge for me to put my best foot forward from day 1.⁠

I love working with chocolate, and I have the chance to work with Valrhona chocolates whose this creation is mainly composed using 70% dark chocolate. ⁠

I was directly inspired by the way “Ali Jaber” delivers his art and this made me decide to choose his creation as my main tool to create the chocolate art piece. . I kept in mind the theme of Easter and I combined with the key elements of its style. ⁠

I'm really happy to see that my work has been appreciated and to have won second place among a selection of talented chefs. ⁠


Third prize of the @chefmiddleastofficial Easter Art Quest went to Chef @chrislambert76. Here's what he has to say about it: ⁠

⁠"My Easter Art Quest Creation was 'Jali Pisanky'.⁠ ⁠Why Jali Pisanky? Jali is the design used for it, it is a design that is use mainly on wood like wardrobe like the one we saw in one of the rooms of indigo hotel which give me the inspiration and Pisanky because it means in 'Ukrainian Easter eggs'. ⁠

⁠There is a tradition in Ukraine which is called Pisanky, in which a Ukrainian Easter egg decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method. ⁠

So I got the idea from there to make an Easter egg but instead of using the style of Pisanky i decided to go for the Jali design style and go to carve the eggs like a wood carver. ⁠ The chocolate used here was dark chocolate and Dulcey 35%.

⁠The goal was to keep the shape of the eggs and to carve it to see all the detail close to perfection. ⁠

⁠As soon as i saw the design in the hotel indigo I knew what I wanted to do, how I was going to execute it and how I wanted it to look like the image was already done in my head. ⁠

⁠We reach what we wanted to do, and we were so proud with my team"⁠


The winner of the Public Prize for the @chefmiddleeastofficial Easter Art Quest is Chef Christophe Devoille ! Here's what he has to say about his stunning creation: ⁠

"I made “Le Poulpe & L’Oeuf” I was inspired about the beautiful frame from South Africa I discovered during my visit at Indigo Hotel, It was a huge octopus made with newspaper and some shiny pearls, when I saw it I directly selected it for the competition, as the realization of on octopus in chocolate is a bit challenging I was sure no other chef will select it. The artist who made it, Francois Potgetier. ⁠

For the base of the shop piece i have used some dark chocolate to made the black pillar to stick the huge “Pearl Egg” made with Ivoire 35%, the octopus itself was made with Guanaja 70% for head to make sure it was hard enough to carve it properly and I make the different legs with another technique that blends the dark chocolate with the robot coupe to the right consistency and we shape it quickly before the chocolate sets again.⁠

After that I have sprayed the octopus with dark chocolate spray and to add the real effect of the animal, I have sprayed grey, then purple. I have finalized the D-Day with a darker purple to add more sensibility and reality. ⁠

Regarding the eggs I have sprayed firstly light white, then grey and blue at the end before the spray was dry I add the silver edible powder to make sure the pearl will be real.⁠

For the newspaper I have printed on the coconut edible paper some newspapers sheet with edible ink and shape it."


The Wild Card winner for the Easter Art Quest organized by @chefmiddleeastofficial is Chef Achala Weerasinghe. Here's what he has to say about it.

"My Easter creation was one of the art works in the Indigo hotel. In addition to that I chose Fleur de bundt art work to create my showpiece. It's showing unique and modern falcon, house and Burj Khalifa. And also it has lot of details and I used Valrhona 55% dark couverture".